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    DIY Fashion Pattern Vocabulary Indographic from Enerie here. Also from Enerie: Know Your Sunglasses here, and for the popular posts Know Your Shoes go here for part 1 (Lobster Claws anyone? Hilarious) and here for part 2.

  2. long blue tube earrings made with recycled plastic containers.

  3. blue plastic earrings resembling tassels

  4. black feather earrings with brass chain made from up-cycled plastic containers

  5. Electric blue funky up-cycled plastic pendant

  6. I made these up-cycled earrings from used plastic containers. They were made to resemble feathers and measure three inches. Each has 3 brass-colored chains hanging from the hook.

  7. truebluemeandyou:

    DIY Cut Out Back Blouse Tutorial from Plan B Anna Evers here. Really easy to follow tutorial with a little sewing.